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MICROIDEA lands in Khazakhstan

MICROIDEA lands in Khazakhstan in a OIL&GAS production plant.

Thanks to the courtesy of a local service manager we are always happy to see our products working in such important structures.



2 new battery chargers for the Microidea line.

High efficiency (93%), light weight e autorecognition of the battery type, programmable charging levels are some of the feature of our new  top range battery chargers! 

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How long the domino would last if we could line up all the Microidea relay manufactured in a year?



MICROIDEA in the medical field.

With this project near to the conclusion, Microidea confirms its ability to work and develop know-how into the medical field. In the short clip, the internal circuitry of a handpiece for the surface treatment of the muscles and tendons.