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Built with resonance technology and equipped with active PFC, this charger is highly efficient with very low dissipation.

Thanks to this control typology, the device offers an elevate dynamic on the battery charging, which is carried out in microprocessor multi-stage optimizing the charging and the battery life.

Internal hardware is designed both for stand-alone functioning and in combination with the recharge system for generating set or renewable energy sources.

The complete control over tension, current, time and alarms offer the possibility to custom the type of recharge needed, making the charger versatile for several applications.


Main features

a) Universal input 90-264V with active pfc


b) Possibility to manage several types of dynamic recharges. 4 pre-programmable levels


c) DIN-rail strong metallic container with extractable terminals


d) Regulation of the charging rate from 30% to 100% for each panel


e) 485 Mod Bus RTu (optional) serial control


f) Multi-panel signaling of the charging status


f) Protections

•Input overvoltage

•Input overcurrent

•Output overvoltage

•Short-circuit 110% rated current

•Reversing battery polarity

•Disconnected battery

•NPN alarm signal for remote activations