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Read, combine and transmit data: an essential task for industry 4.0

Microidea gateway equipment can combine the large amounts of data from multiple devices connected to its ports. Since many companies now use various pieces of industrial equipment from different manufacturers or of different generations, it is essential to find a way of connecting these devices so that they can talk to each other.


This is what gateways are for: to allow the various pieces of equipment to communicate with each other in the same language, even that of the company's proprietary IT equipment.


Communication uniformity via the gateway


The gateway coordinates sensors, transducers, analysers, power factor controllers, and all connected systems. It also takes care of optimising data reading and securely transferring data to and from the cloud structure.


Correctly combining information and data from various instruments is essential for any company that wants to keep up with the times and avoid succumbing to the evolution of instruments and machines. The accumulated experience of Microidea has allowed it to develop extremely versatile and flexible equipment to achieve this goal.