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Many industrial plants have rock solid power sources when it comes to supply their production machines. 


A power outage can happen in any moment and can cause significant or dangerous problems to a production line or working environment (let’s think if an outage occurs in a mine or a blast furnace). 


Many  production plants rely on a diesel genset or natural gas genset as an auxiliary power station. A genset  is a combination of a diesel engine with an electric generator (Commonly an alternator) which acts as alternative power generator were electric power is required.


As soon as a outage happen the engine generator starts to produce energy by fuel consumption and mechanical power. 


A diesel generator set it’s not useful only during outages  but it can be useful also during peak usage hours, were additional energy is required by the system.


It is essential to be sure of swift and efficient changeover from generator power  when the mains power fails, 

When electric supply continuity is a must Microidea Gensets act as reliables changeover switches.


Manual and automatic changeover switches  for transferring power to applications in which electric power continuity is essential and mandatory.


Electricity-generating sets and current generators with automatic changeover.


 Microidea gensets, after a long research and development, have been developed to be highly efficient panel instruments that supervise manual or automatic control of an auxiliary generator and the mains.


Gensets serve to continuously monitor generator operation and main parameters, while working in the background until the power returns to the main line. It is a suitable instrument for temporary situations and installations on control panel, with the very important task of ensuring that the power is steady and preventing inconvenient situations by its automatic transfer switches.


Microidea genset devices can also be configured with a range of programmable alarms that are shown on the DTS display and/or output on external contacts to interface with SCADA systems or PLCs.